The Perfect Auto Repair Experience

December 16th, 2020 by

Unexpected Mechanical Woes?

Picture this: You’re driving through central Kitsap, on your way to the Silverdale Waterfront Park – when suddenly your wheel starts making *that sound* again. Obviously concerned, you Google search local mechanics – Liberty Bay Auto Center in Poulsbo has over 1,000 reviews and a 4.9 star rating – so you decide to give them a call.

The receptionist answers in a cheery tone – “Thank you for calling Liberty Bay Auto! How can I direct your call?” You explain to them that your car is making a sound that you’re quite sure requires the attention of a mechanic – and they immediately put you in contact with one of the Service Advisors. Minutes later the Service Advisor knows your name like an old friend and quickly sets up an appointment for your vehicle to be seen by a brand-certified mechanic.

Lobby? Or a Museum?

On the day of the appointment, you ride your weary steed into Poulsbo, and step in from the winter cold to the warm, inviting entrance to Liberty Bay Auto’s lobby. Your service advisor greets you by name – they recognized your car from the call! They smile as you approach the counter before verifying your important information and collecting your keys. While attaching a numbered tag to the key the Advisor asks – “Are you hanging out with us? Need a ride out of here?” You glance around at the warm colors and vintage art on the walls – “no, I think I’ll stick around here,” you say, “it’s like a museum!” The advisor smiles and chuckles, “glad you like it.”

Understanding the Fix

After checking out the vintage art gallery, reading a placard on an antique gas pump station, and certainly after helping yourself to a warm cup of coffee, you decide to have a seat in the waiting area, which holds even more historic and heartwarming memorabilia the closer you look. While examining a collection of vintage license plates from your seat, you hear your service advisor call your name as they approach. They take a seat opposite yours, and they explain that the noise you were hearing is a CV axle that’s worn out.

“CV axle?” You ask. The advisor smiles and explains; “it’s what takes power from the transmission and differential and transfers it to the wheels. When they wear out, you’ll start to hear that clicking sound you’ve been noticing when turning – and it’ll eventually cause vibration while driving. It’s important to take care of now, because the CV axle completely going out can actually cause loss of control.”

Your eyebrows raise – good thing you got it looked at now, rather than later! You express to the advisor that you would really like to fix the issue, but you’re concerned about the cost. Luckily, they’ve already laid out all the details for you. You quickly understand the breakdown of parts, labor, and taxes – and luckily enough even qualified for a AAA discount of 10% off of the labor! They can have the part in from a reputable parts store down the road in an hour and can install it before the day is done!

Comfortable at Home

As much as you enjoyed your experience with the waiting area, you decide to take advantage of the Courtesy Shuttle while you wait the remainder of the time. Your masked driver escorts you to a clean 2014 Dodge Grand Caravan, where you take the passenger seat and begin telling your new companion of your vehicle woes. They reassure you that the auto repair team at Liberty Bay is going to take care of you – and you relax a little more knowing that your car will be fixed soon. Upon arrival, you wave goodbye to the driver from your front door – and continue about your day while an ASE certified mechanic repairs your car.

A few hours later, you receive a call – it’s a familiar voice, your LBAC service advisor! They let you know the work was successfully completed and that your car is going through a courtesy wash and vacuum. “That’s great!” You say. “Can the shuttle give me a ride back to the shop to pick it up?”

Unexpected Surprise!

“We can do you one better,” they reply, “if you want to pay over the phone, I can have a driver deliver the car to your driveway and hand off the keys and receipt.” You accept the offer, and in minutes have a safe and clean car back in your driveway.

You’re impressed – the service team at Liberty Bay has taken every opportunity to make your auto repair experience comfortable, clean, and efficient. Before you know it, you’ve become 5-star-review number “one-thousand-and.”


If this sounds like the kind of experience you want from your local mechanic’s shop, isn’t it time to start using Liberty Bay Auto’s Service Center? Be it an oil change, engine replacement, alignment, fluids flush, or whatever else – Liberty Bay Auto’s team of fourteen ASE certified mechanics and three Service Advisors can handle any job on any make or model vehicle – not to mention the wash-bay team will even send you off in a clean car, inside and out! Call today at 360-697-4066.