What is Ceramic Coating?

A ceramic coating is a glass-like protective layer that bonds to your vehicle’s clear coat. Unlike traditional waxes & sealants, true ceramic coatings create a semi-permanent barrier of protection that bonds with your vehicle’s surface providing unmatched durability, protection, gloss, & self cleaning abilities. This product has been more commonly seen on high-end luxury vehicles, but has enticed Kitsap drivers more recently, considering the frequency of inclement weather.


BASIC SELECT – Starting at $1,499

Estimated 1 Year of Protection


PROFESSIONAL – Starting at $1,899

Estimated 3 Years of Protection


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Our talented crew received specialized certification training in the application of the GT QUARTZ Ceramic Coating System,’ the result of a partnership with GLIPTONE MANUFACTURING INC. The word ‘exclusive’ comes to mind here, as there were simply no Kitsap County local options for this service previously.

Tesla with ceramic coating



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