Resolution ’20 | Better Car Care

December 18th, 2019 by

The giant Christmas tree is up in Silverdale and the chilling waves lapping against Kitsap waterfronts boast a coldness not felt previously this year; this means surely that Winter is upon us. In just under two weeks the folks of Kitsap County will be quickly passing January 2020 on the inside corner, and for many of them this time of year serves as a reminder of a desire for betterment. In turn, many will utilize the traditional “New Year’s Resolution” in search of a greater version of ourselves and the world around us. These resolutions typically revolve around ditching bad habits or establishing good ones, and most of the time are centered around our health. But what about the health of our cars?

Just like the popular commitment to visit the doc’s office more regularly to circumvent health issues within our bodies, stopping by a qualified service and repair center on a regular basis will keep you ahead of the curve when it comes to mechanical issues, and will ultimately help prevent the inevitable issues that come with neglecting regular maintenance. As a AAA approved automotive repair center, Liberty Bay is more than equipped to handle all of your maintenance needs, so let’s dive into our top five recommendations for automotive maintenance needs that are regularly skipped over, but shouldn’t be!


  • Regular Oil Changes
    It may come as a surprise to some, but one of the most important parts  of automotive maintenance (arguably the most important) that’s often forgotten or skipped over is the all important lube, oil, and filter service. Odds are, you know someone who’s blown an engine and bricked an otherwise healthy car due to forgetting to change the oil – although odds are they won’t be quick to admit it. Learn from someone else’s mistakes in this case. Make regular oil changes part of your 2020 resolution! Liberty Bay Auto’s Lube & Filter service includes a multi-point inspection, free wash and vac, and starts at under $40! Call 360-697-4066 to schedule this important service today!




  • Wheel Balancing & Tire Rotation
    Rotating and balancing the tires on your vehicle is imperative, as it helps to ensure an even tread-wear to keep the traction in your tires even as you travel down the road. A wheel that is too out of balance can cause further suspension wear & damage, and in extreme cases can cause an accident while driving! Pay attention to the health of your wheels and tires as part of your 2020 resolution! Fortunately, when having your oil changed at Liberty Bay, we’re more than happy to take care of tire rotation during our Lube & Filter service, and as always, every service appointment comes with a free wash and vacuum!




  • Cabin Air Filter & Outside Air Induction Cleaning
    This advice doubles as taking care of your car’s health and your health as well, it’s a ‘two-fer’! The cabin air filter is what helps stop unwanted particles from the outside air entering your vehicle’s cabin. Dust, dirt, smog, pollen, mold spores, and exhaust gases all fill the air around our roadways, and neglecting to replace the device that protects you from them is a bad idea! Not only is changing this filter out important, but this service, when paired with a treatment that deodorizes the hoses & vents, can help bring back an impressively fresh smell to your car or truck’s interior! Keep a clean and effective cabin air filter as part of your 2020 resolution! And yes, we also check this during your Lube & Filter appointment!




  • Regular Brake Inspection
    Equally important to your vehicle’s propulsion system is the system that works to slow you down to  a safe stop: the brakes. If left unattended for too long, these all important systems that help slow & stop your car can fail and cause for very dangerous situations! Not only are the health of the brakes themselves important, but keeping fresh brake fluid, and a healthy anti-lock braking system is important to your safety on the road as well, especially in the winter time! Call and schedule a brake inspection today to ensure you keep your loved ones safe on the road.




  • Windshield Wipers
    Akin to the oil changes, this is one we’d like to say doesn’t come up often, especially here in rainy, rainy, rainy Washington State. But, especially moving into the colder, wetter seasons ahead, there’s a paramount level of importance to be placed behind the devices that keep your windshield clear. The dangers posed by a pair of too-old, too-worn windshield wipers range from blurred/obscured vision on rainy days, to completely blocked view in the dead of a snowstorm. Windshield wipers are a snap for a technician to install, and can easily be taken care of during your next appointment!




These certainly aren’t the only good habits of the smart automobile owner, but they are an excellent start to ensuring the life of the investment that is your vehicle, as well as the safety of you and others on the road around you. Always remember that Liberty Bay Auto is here to take care of every single one of these needs, as well as a myriad of other services! Just call (360)-697-4066 and ask to speak with a Service Advisor, and we’ll get you taken care of!