Sell or Consign Your Car in Poulsbo, WA

Consignment and selling your car to Liberty Bay is smart!

What is consignment?

Consigning your car with a dealership simply means leaving all of the responsibility of preparation and sale with that business – including the financial ins-and-outs which usually mean making more money than trying to sell the vehicle on your own.  Trying consignment with Liberty Bay Auto is possibly the smartest thing you could do when it comes to selling used used car, truck, or SUV. Consigning is different than simply selling your vehicle to us directly, which we also encourage! Consigning your vehicle with LBAC means we’ll handle every aspect of the sale on your behalf – inspection, detailing, listing, selling, and delivery!

Our Lead Inventory Buyer, Kevin Hogan, has been helping people buy and sell their pre-owned cars for over thirty years! People choose to work with us for consignment because they know that Kevin is the consignment wizard! Give him a call at 360-621-8548 to begin this simple and pain-free process!

Why Should You Consign With Liberty Bay?

    We advertise on multiple automotive sales websites! We also share inventory content with over 10,000 followers on Facebook and Instagram! Additionally, our website sees thousands of unique visitors looking for their next ride! Consigning with us means plenty of people will be shown high-quality photos and thorough information about your vehicle on as many platforms as possible!
    Not only do most buyers prefer the peace of mind they get by buying from a reputable dealer, but we also offer the advantages of accepting trade-ins and providing financing on all of our consignment vehicles through hundreds of reputable lenders. A consignment vehicle receives all the same benefits as other cars on our lot which opens your vehicle to a number of additional buyers.
    Our store – Service, Detail, and Sales alike – has over thirty years of experience in the automotive field and our professional team can guide you along the quickest, easiest path to a successful sale – be it to us directly, or via consignment. You can rest assured that consigning with Liberty Bay Auto Center means that you’re working with the right people – we’re more than just experienced, we’re experts.
    Most people are unaware that they receive a tax credit when they trade in or sell a car to a dealership. This is no different with a consignment car, and you will be given those same tax credits once we sell your vehicle.

“Can I Just Sell You My Car?”

Of course! If you’d rather simply sell your car, truck, or SUV to Liberty Bay Auto Center, we’ll make that process quick, easy, and totally transparent! Typically a quick phone call and an inspection is all we’ll need to approve buying your ride!

We make extremely competitive offers to people looking to sell their car. Before you go through the hassle of photographing and posting your car online, then meeting with strangers from the internet on top of that – just give our Lead Inventory Buyer, Kevin Hogan, a call at 360-621-8548 today and he’ll be more than happy to discuss your vehicle and the potential of our buying it!